Third Sunday of Lent – John 4:5-42 23.3.14

21 03 2014

This is another welcome contribution from the Reverend Jan Ashton.

I would warmly welcome other guest contributions by email to . Also, offers to write sermon starters for a period of, say, a month or six weeks woud be great

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

Need to Know

  1. John spends some time setting the scene. How important is this? And what are we not told? In imagining the scene, how long did they spend at the well, how old was the woman?
  2. Who ‘got it’? Who ‘didn’t get it’? Why might this be?
  3. It’s a long reading especially if it’s read just in one voice. How might you encourage people to listen well?

Need to Challenge

  1. How wonderful to have within us living water? How is this water life changing?
  2. Thanks goodness the disciples didn’t spoil the atmosphere and criticise Jesus for talking to the woman. They kept silent. When may our silence be crucial?
  3. Who is/are taken out of their comfort zone the most in this passage? And what was the result?

Need to Comfort

  1. We need to be truthful to ourselves and to God in our prayers. Why is this good news?
  2. Jesus seems to go out of his way to interact with these Samaritan people. Why is this good news?
  3. We are labouring in many of our churches. Who might be seeing the reaping? Why is this good news?



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