Palm Sunday Matthew 21.1-11 13.4.14

7 04 2014

This is another welcome contribution from the Reverend Jan Ashton.

I would warmly welcome other guest contributions by email to . Also, offers to write sermon starters for a period of, say, a month or six weeks would be great

Gospel Passage Matthew 21.1-11

Need to Know

1. Is it important to know whether the donkeys are a loan or a gift?

2. Is this Jesus stage-managing his moment of fame? Or is it spontaneous?

3. Why are these quotations from the Old Testament important?

Need to Challenge

1. There is only one question in this passage. Key question though.

2. How does Jesus retain his humility during this celebrity moment?

3. Knowing what we know now, would we have gone to greet Jesus?

Need to Comfort

1. If you can’t afford to lose your coat, there are branches.

2. If you can’t answer the key question, you can be the one to ask it.

3. Sometimes it’s fine to surf in the belief of others.






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