Second Sunday of Easter John 20:19-end 27.4.14

21 04 2014

This is another welcome contribution from the Reverend Jan Ashton.

I would warmly welcome other guest contributions by email to . Also, offers to write sermon starters for a period of, say, a month or six weeks would be great

Gospel Passage John 20:19-end

Need to Know

1. Is Thomas’ final statement the climax to this story? Why is it so dangerously radical?

2. Why is the phrase ‘stood among them’ – it’s repeated twice, so important?

3. Low Sunday. People need extra ‘brownie points’ for being in church today. How may you bless them?

Need to Challenge

1. Us who are sent need to be clear about the consequences of retaining the sins of others.

2. Thomas was only being scientific. We all need to see the evidence. But is the proof of the ‘Christian’ pudding in the eating?

3. Where are we being sent?

Need to Comfort

1. ‘Peace be with you’ is not a ‘nice’ saying. It is an instruction from God telling peace to come to you.

2. The Holy Spirit was given to the disciples without them asking. But it is ok to ask as well.

3. Us ‘the cup is half empty’ ones may be those who Jesus is referring to as those  ‘blessed’ (v 29)






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