Third Sunday of Easter Luke 24:13-35 4.5.14

2 05 2014

This is another welcome contribution from the Reverend Jan Ashton.

I would warmly welcome other guest contributions by email to . Also, offers to write sermon starters for a period of, say, a month or six weeks would be great

Gospel Passage Luke 24:13-35

Need to Know

  1. Did Jesus do a special fourfold taking, blessing, breaking and giving so they could recognise him? Or is it just in the actions themselves?
  2. How important is this personal encounter with Jesus? They did, after all, have the women’s account.
  3. Why does Jesus vanish at this point?

Need to Challenge

  1. How crucial is hospitality to this event?
  2. The two go back to Jerusalem in the dark. What risks are we being asked to take?
  3. In our ‘testimony’, where have we seen Jesus this week?

Need to Comfort

  1. Jesus calls the two ‘foolish’ and ‘slow of heart to believe’. Does Jesus then leave them for someone wise and quick to believe?
  2. On reaching Emmaus, if the two were asked whether they’d seen Jesus, what would they have said?
  3. Sometimes words don’t have any impact. What actions might help us?






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