Fourth Sunday of Easter John 10:1-10 11.5.14

5 05 2014

This is another welcome contribution from the Reverend Jan Ashton.

I would warmly welcome other guest contributions by email to . Also, offers to write sermon starters for a period of, say, a month or six weeks would be great

Gospel Passage John 10:1-10

Need to Know

  1. The first five verses are so easy to understand. Why did ‘they … not understand what he was saying to them’?
  2. How do you picture this gate: as a kissing gate, a barred gate, a security gate?
  3. Who is the gatekeeper? If Jesus is the gate, who is the shepherd? Any mileage for some Trinitarian theology?

Need to Challenge

  1. What does this shepherd’s voice sound like? (‘they know his voice’)
  2. How might this abundant life be experienced?
  3. Who are the bandits and the thieves not entering through the gate?

Need to Comfort

  1. The shepherd knows every sheep’s name? What name might he/she call you?
  2. The wolves are outside. You’re behind the gate. How good is this gate?
  3. It sounds as if finding pasture is guaranteed. Do we trust this shepherd?







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