6th Sunday of Easter – John 14:15-21

19 05 2014

Stephen Cherry is ‘resting’ from this blog for a time. So me – Revd Jan Ashton, team vicar in Kidderminster and a struggler with sermons, is guesting. Would you like to guest this page too? Contact Stephen

John 14:15-21

Need to Know

  1. Verse 15 – ‘If you love me, you will keep…’ Is this a threat as in what an abusive partner might say? Or a natural outcome of loving?
  2. The NRSV has the word ‘Advocate’. To what extent is this a helpful/unhelpful translation?
  3. How does this passage bridge Easter and Ascension?

Need to Challenge

  1. What might a Spirit of Truth challenge our churches to do?
  2. Have we seen Jesus this week? Where?
  3. To what extent are our lifestyle choices part of keeping the commandments? Where’s the challenge?

Need to Comfort

  1. ‘I will not leave you orphaned’. So if we are, who are our parents?
  2. ‘I will love them’. How might our church encourage those who have been recently ‘dumped’?
  3. The tenor of this passage is challenging yet comforting. How can our preaching be this on Sunday?



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