Pentecost – John 7:37-39

2 06 2014

Have you read Stephen’s blog of his sabbatical? A bit envy making…

Because he’s on sabbatical, me – Revd Jan Ashton, is guesting this page. I love Pentecost. Blessings on all our sermons!

Pentecost – John 7:37-39

Need to Know

  1. The usual – wind, fire and doves. But water? Makes a change!
  2. Jesus has had a busy festival, persuading and arguing and avoiding being arrested. On this last day, how is he feeling?
  3. The thirsty people are possibly not in church. How can we become thirsty again?

Need to Challenge

  1. That is a scary metaphor – out of us flows not a trickle, not a sprinkle but rivers! Can we dam this river?
  2. Can we pollute this river?
  3. Can we culvert this river?

Need to Comfort

  1. The water is plentiful. Can we tempt others to come in?
  2. The rivers are living. Can we revive the dehydrated?
  3. The rivers are from the heart. Can we love the wilting back to wholeness?



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