Sunday 6th July. 3rd Sunday after Trinity – Matthew 11:16-19, 25-end

1 07 2014

Sunday 6th July. 3rd Sunday after Trinity – Matthew 11:16-19, 25-end

Need to Know

  1. Before we preach, let us know what is helping us ‘find rest for our souls’?
  2. How important to us is a good reputation? Lord, have mercy!
  3. Jesus certainly has ‘the holy art of disappointing people.’ Is this worth a mention today?

Need to Challenge

  1. Media Sunday was last Sunday but the reading today lends itself to this theme too. How often is/are our church/es in our local          newspapers/ on the local radio/tv, on Facebook and Twitter?
  2. Jesus is ‘Tabloid-ed’ (vs 18,19)! How prepared are our churches to speak out knowing what the result might be?
  3. Jesus answers the ‘tabloids’. How may we encourage our congregations to answer people’s misconceptions of our faith?

Need to Comfort

  1. ‘I will give you rest’. Teachers/Workers in Education are exhausted this time of the year. How can we encourage them?
  2. ‘You will find rest for your souls.’ People with mental illness might want to challenge Jesus about this promise. How might we encourage them this promise is indeed a promise?
  3. ‘…you have revealed them to infants.’ End of term services might be happening. How can our congregations help? 



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