Matthew 18:15-20 – 12th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 7th September

2 09 2014

12th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 7th September 

Matthew 18:15-20

Need to Know

  1. What ‘sins against you’ are triggered in your imagination when you read v15?
  2. What is good listening?
  3. What examples/stories have you about agreement in prayer?

Need to Challenge

  1. Change produces discord.  What have we learnt about listening in our General Synod and how change can be less confrontational?
  2. First St Peter could ‘bind’ or ‘loose’ but now ‘you’ can too. Look again at your parish’s 2011 census. What needs ‘loosening’?
  3. There’s an urban myth about someone new coming to church and sitting down only to be told that is someone else’s seat. What are we being told about our churches in this urban myth? What needs ‘loosening’?

Need to Comfort

  1. Who in your church is a good listener? Find out and celebrate them.
  2. Need to do some serious praying for someone? Let’s suggest prayer partners.
  3. Have you ever been ‘excluded’ and then ‘included’? What produced the change?



2 responses

2 09 2014

It is no myth. I know a parishioner to whom it happened-three attempts before she found a seat! Thank you for the thoughts.

2 09 2014
Rev'd Dr David Johnson

Urban myth? I was incumbent of a church which had a brass plate at the end of a pew with the inscription “And thou shalt be missed for thy seat shall be empty” (1 Sam 20:18). That was ‘her’ seat for eternity and nobody dare sit in it!!

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