St Matthew – Sunday 21st September – Matthew 9:9-13

15 09 2014

St Matthew – Sunday 21st September – Matthew 9:9-13

Need to Know

  1. How did the Pharisees know who was at this dinner?
  2. What does ‘desiring mercy’ mean for us?
  3. We are being asked to call ‘sinners’. Again what might this mean for us?

Need to Challenge

  1. Dare we risk exposing our own sicknesses knowing that it is ‘sinners’ who are being called? cf
  2. After the Pope’s words about welcoming children, with all their noise, in church, who else should the Pope be encouraging us to welcome?
  3. Someone said, ‘Had something stolen from inside your church this week? Well done, you are attracting the right sort of people.’ Is this the week to challenge our congregations about the consequences of calling sinners?

Need to Comfort

  1. Are you happy that Jesus enjoys eating with sinners? You could be chief guest!
  2. Are you less happy that Jesus calls sinners to repent?
  3. And that repentance means today, just for today, I will live as God requires.



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