17th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 12th October – Matthew 22:1-14

6 10 2014

17th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 12th October – Matthew 22:1-14

Need to Know
1. Two different parables pushed together? Or one long parable with a scene shift?
2. Is God the King? Or might this a parable be about a person in authority learning who should be invited?
3. ‘Few are chosen’. Is this like a schoolyard picking a team ‘chosen’ or is everyone ‘chosen’ who turns up -like a scratch choir?

Need to Challenge
1. This King’s slaves are doing the ‘it’s ready now’ call out. Is this our role?
2. ‘But they made light of it…’ How do we use irony and humour to avoid our responsibilities?
3. There are other ways of showing lack of love apart from not turning up. How are we ‘without a wedding robe’?

Need to Comfort
1. No matter what the King does, those invited do not come. Are we praying for those excluding themselves?
2. I bet those who go to the banquet have a feast. Preaching at a Eucharist? What are we serving today?
3. ‘both good and bad; so the wedding hall was filled with guests’. They come. Does Grace expect anything further?




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