2nd Before Advent – Sunday 16th November – Matthew 25:14-30

11 11 2014

Our church has connections with GA (Gamblers Anonymous). They are concerned about the numbers of young adults involved heavily in gambling. Hence, I’ve taken a Gambling theme to this week’s reading. Revd Jan Ashton

2nd Before Advent – Sunday 16th November – Matthew 25:14-30

Need to Know

  1. Is this a parable showing how God operates or a parable demonstrating how humankind can operate?
  2. Gambling can be addictive and is causing problems for many people. The ones with five and two traded and won. This winning tightens the hold gambling can have. Might this week be a week to challenge our society’s present obsession with gambling?
  3. Gamblers in recovery would recognise the third man’s burying the money as being the only safe option. GA advises Gamblers in recovery (and that’s for ever!) to never carry money if possible.

Need to Challenge

  1. Should we be challenging the visibility of scratch cards at some check-outs in supermarkets?
  2. Should we take a lead and sometimes give money instead of buying raffle tickets/ not participate at the Race Nights to stand with the gamblers who now can’t join in?
  3. Should we be displaying Gamblers Anonymous Posters in our churches?

Need to Comfort

  1. People who are addicted to gambling are loved intensely by God. The worthless slave in outer darkness can be brought back.
  2. Gamblers believe v29. I will win next time. I definitely will. Hence the only way is to stop altogether. But with support we can. Let’s support with love and encouragement our addicts.
  3. ‘Today and only for today I will not gamble/NAME YOUR FAILING.’ Matthew 6:34



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