1st Sunday of Advent – Sunday 30th November – Mark 13:24-end

24 11 2014

1st Sunday of Advent – Sunday 30th November – Mark 13:24-end

Need to Know
1. ‘But in those days, after that suffering…’ We have been plunged into the middle of St Mark’s Gospel. Is it worth doing some orientation?
2. ‘… at the very gates.’ Christmas rather than Christ’s return seems to be here. Let’s stir up some longing for his return!
3. ‘Keep Awake’, ‘Keep your eye on the ball’ – lots of expressions inviting us not to miss the main chance. Let’s ride this crest.

Need to Challenge
1. The longings we have this time of year for light, wholeness, family – how might we use these to express our penitence?
2. What are the difficulties/joys your link dioceses are experiencing? What are our food banks needs? Let’s shade our eyes so the dazzle of Christmas is kept away at least for today.
3. v24,25 the universe seems to be dying. Is our created order longing for Christ’s return too?

Need to Comfort
1. Advent starts the lump in the stomach – the fears around Christmas. Any advice?
2. People who know about depression, sadness are Advent people. Point them to the light.
3. People who know about bereavement, poverty are Advent people too. Point them to some joy.




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