2nd Sunday of Advent – Sunday 7th December – Mark 1:1-8

3 12 2014

2nd Sunday of Advent – Sunday 7th December – Mark 1:1-8

Need to Know

  1. Who is our ‘John’? Who is calling us to repent so we can be ready? Perhaps we have a vacancy here.
  2. Last week I suggested the depressed, the sad are Advent people, longing for the light, the good news. This week I’m suggesting the eccentric, the outspoken, the ‘Giles Fraser’s are Advent people too. What are the uncomfortable words we should be hearing?
  3. John was a prophet. Who are the prophets in our congregation and what are they saying?

Need to Challenge

  1. Prepare the way of the Lord is hard when are minds are full of Christmas. What challenges could you give to help this preparation?
  2. Making his paths straight – how can we aid our generation’s paths to faith? Our visibility in our neighbourhood? Our Facebook /Twitter pages? Our reputation? Our mission?
  3. Be prophetic yourself?

Need to Comfort

  1. Let’s be baptised again with the Holy Spirit. How would we know this has happened?
  2. John’s dietary needs were unusual! Let’s give a passing mention for those who think they are being difficult because of their complex dietary needs.
  3. Humility and being humble are Advent values. Let’s celebrate those who are.



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