Sunday 12th July – 2 Samuel 6:1-5, 12b-19

9 07 2015

Where are the surprises?
Whose voices we don’t hear?
What challenges us?

Surprises – do you agree with what I find surprising in the text?
That David seems only to want the ark of God because it brings blessings. Is this a ‘good luck’ charm?
That it took 30,000 ‘chosen men’ to bring the ark. Does this suggest they were expecting resistance?
That Michal ‘despises’ her husband for dancing. This is a strong word ‘despises’ – what is it about his dancing?

The voices we don’t hear – What might they say?
What Uzzah and Ahio think about losing the ark of God?
What the Levites think about David doing everything: the sacrificing, the celebrating, the offerings, the blessing of the people?
What the maids might say who see David ‘shamelessly uncover’-ing himself? (verse 20)

What challenges us in 2015?
David has now brought both political and spiritual power into his city. How important is this joining?
All the people were fed. Who are we excluding from our communion?
Public displays of religious fervour. Appropriate now?




One response

10 07 2015

Glad to see the return of Sermon Starters, Stephen, and those three questions you use to structure it are really rich, thought-provoking ones.

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