8th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 26th July 2015

20 07 2015

8th Sunday after Trinity – Sunday 26th July 2015

Where are the surprises?

Whose voices do we not hear?

What challenges us?

Surprises – do you agree with what I find surprising in the text?

  1. That Bathsheba was bathing outside in public view.
  2. The utter integrity of Uriah: he rejects bribery and the offer of sex with his wife – he continues to refuse this even when drunk.
  3. That David went to such lengths to hide his adultery. Could he not have said, ‘It wasn’t me.’

The voices we don’t hear – What might they say?

  1. The only words Bathsheba says I am pregnant. She was raped and then discarded. It seems that’s all she’s allowed to say.
  2. Does Uriah know what’s going on? For a foot soldier he’s having lots of attention from the King. What might he suspect?
  3. We don’t hear David’s arrogance in thinking he can have exactly what he wants when he wants it.

What challenges us in 2015?

  1. In 2015 we now know that people in power misuse their position to gain sexual favours. How do we misuse any power we have?
  2. To say something positive about sex – the church has tended to find it easier to be prohibitive or condemning.
  3. The opposite of arrogance is humility. How can we promote humility?



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