About Sermon Starters and the Author

I am a priest of the Church of England. My current post combines a diocesan role with being a  Canon Residentiary of Durham Cathedral, where I do most of my preaching.

I began producing ‘Sermon Starters’ early in 2011.  I had been preparing ‘Conversation  Starters’ for a breakfast and bible study group for young adults (Uni students mostly) that we host at the Cathedral.  We call it 10:05.  One day I thought, ‘if something like this had arrived in my inbox every week when I was in a parish I’d have been delighted’. So I decided to tweak the ‘Conversation Starters’ and make them available to all the clergy and the readers in Durham diocese.

Six months after that I was well into the swing of it and decided to make it completely and freely available on  a blog.

More recently I have adopted the ‘Head, Heart, Hand’ question structure which connects us both with Ignatian approach and the Benedictine practice of Lectio Divina.  It balances attention to intellectual issues, emotional responses and practical application.

Idea:  why not use Sermon Starters with others is as material for  a weekly discussion group?  I now do that every week for 10:05. So the process has gone full-circle.

By the way, I also write another blog called, Another Anglehttp://stephencherry.wordpress.com/

Stephen Cherry

P.S. The photograph in the header is of Low Force on the River Tees. A great place for inspiration.

One response

22 02 2012
Sheridan James

really enjoyed your ideas for lent and your notes on the mark passage coming up this sunday.
good bit of inspiration for a rather gloomy ash wed. have emailed them round various clergy networks to encourage them too.

Thank you.


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