New Year’s Resolutions for Preachers

2 01 2012

Think of this post as a kind of ‘extra’. It’s not a Sermon Starter for a particular Sunday but something a bit more generic. Depending on passing inspiration, there may be more like this in 2012.

I once read a book about preaching which said that the paradoxical nature of what we proclaim requires us to contradict ourselves from time to time.  I like that idea very much and every now and again like to be sure to live up to it.  So – having blogged against the normally understood idea of New Year’s resolutions (see I am now going to list some traditionally shaped ones for preachers.

  1. Preach varied.
  2. Preach short(er).
  3. Prepare longer.
  4. Prepare varied.
  5. Pray for the gift of good words.
  6. Persuade someone into the pulpit who has never been there before and support him or her through their first offering.
  7. Invite him or her back if he or she can connect people with God.
  8. Read or listen to other people’s sermons. (Notice when you switch on and when you switch off.)
  9. Watch the body language of the congregation when you or others are preaching. Ask yourself , ‘what is God saying to me through these responses?’
  10. Commit to growing in your ministry of preaching this year.

I wish you, and those who hear your sermons, every blessing in 2012.


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