New Year’s Resolutions for Preachers 2013

29 12 2012

Last year I put together a list of ten. I have polished it up a bit for 2013.

The  general message is to go for quality and connection.  Less really is more in preaching.  If people start to ask for more then you are really getting somewhere. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does…. So:

  1. Preach shorter.
  2. Preach less often.
  3. Get started on your sermon preparation earlier in the week.
  4. Pray for the gift of good words and let them flow naturally.
  5. Persuade someone into the pulpit who has never been there before.
  6. Actively seek feedback on both delivery and content. (Who do you  trust to give it?)
  7. Notice when you switch on and when you switch off when listening to or reading other people’s sermons.
  8. Watch the body language of the congregation when you or others are preaching. What makes them yawn? What makes them sit forward?
  9. Sometimes, but not always, preach without notes.
  10. Commit to growing in your ministry of preaching this year.

What would you add to the list?